Sooo much, about augmentation...

The breast is the most important feature that symbolizes femininity. For this reason, in the figures of the fertility goddesses, the breasts are emphasized, in sculpture or paintings, her femininity is represented either by large breasts or multiple breasts.

It has been scientifically proven that small breasts can affect the psychology and character of women. Of course, we don’t believe that “every woman wants bigger breasts,” but we do say, “If a woman wants bigger breasts, that’s a health issue that needs to be solved.” Because it’s a fact that health isn’t just defined as physical, but also as “spiritual and social well-being”…

Our goal is not to encourage women to have surgery (unfortunately, some short-sighted people think so). Rather, it is about giving as much and accurate information as possible to women who are considering breast augmentation and parents whose daughters want breast augmentation. For this reason, we not only describe the good sides, but also the negative sides.

If there is a method that leaves almost no scars, is almost painless and doesn’t compromise on being natural, and if you don’t announce it to people, isn’t that the greatest evil you can do? This is not worthy of medicine or humanity!

We hope that this page will also be interesting and useful for you and maybe contribute to a new you…

Non-surgical augmentation - How?

With the body filler Los Deline®, this is possible. Without going to the hospital, no hospitalization, and under lokal anesthesia.

Enlarging the breast with a silicone implant

If you are thinking about permanent augmentation and want to “do it once” then prosthesis may be the most logical solution for you.

What you need to know about fillers

There are many filler brands on the market. But only one of the hydrophilic gel based body fillers is licensed: Los Deline®! 

What you need to know about silicone

Silicone is made of Silicon, no “e” at the end, and is an important component of many implants, placed in the human body.

Common mistakes about bras

How to measure bra size? What should be paid attention to? Do you have to wear it? There is a lot of confusion about this.

Which filler-types are reliable?

You should stay away from unlicensed fillers! But we know that unlicensed fillers are used without the knowledge of the patient.

How safe are silicone implants?

What is an “implant”? Does it explode? Does it leak?

How is Los Deline® Filler injected?

You can compare the treatment to a visit to the dentist. 

What happens after filler injection?

Most patients go shopping immediately afterwards.

Filler-related risks and complications

Did you know that there are far fewer problems than told?

Implant-related risks and complications

Every surgical technique has its own complications.

General information about Boobjobs

Without going into detail; what happens during the operation?

Teardrop or round implants?

It may not make sense to think economically when deciding the type of implant!

Textured or smooth?

Both have their own pros and cons. To make a choice you have to be informed!

Planning a Boobjob

The planning of each phase of the operation involves very important details.

Is there a no-scar Boobjob?

It is possible that no one will notice that you have had surgery and have implants!

The power of surgery

Please very small;
Exactly the same;
I want very big;
Natural; Not noticeable…

Surgical methods

Every method of silicone surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages.

...the implant is located:


It looks unnatural and ugly when a round silicone is placed just under the glands. But it is a very simple method and painless.


When it comes to the submuscular technique, a single location cannot be understood; there are different variations. It’s a painful method.


The silicone implant at this level is placed in a pocket opened between the chest muscle and the muscle’s membrane. It is difficult but painless.

...the Incision:


An implantation through the armpit means that the silicone is placed under the chest muscle. And the implant can’t be an anatomical one.


This is the most preferred and easiest method. However, its main disadvantages are its visibility and the facilitated “descend”.


The incision around the nipple does not mean that you can no longer breastfeed. Loss of feeling in the nipple is also very rare.

First week after Boobjob


Driving after Boobjob


Working life after Boobjob


Vacation and sex after Boobjob


Bra after Boobjob


Sports after Boobjob


What happened to the brand Aquafilling®?


Does silicone or filler cause cancer?


Do silicone or filler prevent breastfeeding?


When do you need a breast lift?


How should you prepare beforehand?


Which anesthesia method?


Various Deformities













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